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About Viv

Viv started line dancing when it first came to this country and has been teaching since 1992.  

She started teaching when some friends at a holiday camp in Northampton asked if she could teach them to line dance. Viv approached the teacher of the class she was attending and with her help and guidance started teaching. Viv enjoyed it so much she started a class in Bushey and as they say the rest is history. She now runs classes most days in Hertfordshire, Middlesex and London.

In addition to classes Viv runs regular socials to support local charities. She also does school fetes, charity events and runs line dance parties for people. One of the strangest was a party for a London Army unit. The venue was amazing it was hidden in the middle of London, and security was high. A great time was had by all and the dancing went on to the early hours. They know how to party.

Viv has danced at the Watford Rainbow festival in front of thousands of people, had articles published in the local paper, line dancer magazine, has been on Three Counties Radio and danced at the BBC.

She has taught people of all abilities to dance including a blind lady. She is currently running classes for the Charity Mind.

Viv’s approach to teaching is that she likes to make it fun as she feels people generally learn better when they are enjoying themselves.

Viv has taught a number of people who have gone on to start their own classes or teach other forms of dance.

Viv says she will continue to line dance as long as she enjoys it.
About The Team

Viv  is supported by a large number of her dancers who back mark, help set up, do the door, help new dancers, attend charity events and fetes.

Without their help she would find it impossible to run her classes.

About  Eric

Viv’s husband, general dogs body, car park attendant and plays the music when Viv needs a break on Wednesday night and at events.
Supports Viv at most of the fetes, charity events and parties.

He knows the steps to every dance, but not necessarily in the right order.
Has been known to dance, but puts everybody else off so  normally sticks to the hand movements and only gets up to go to the bar for Viv’s tea.

On a Wednesday he ensures everybody gets a parking space even if the car park is busy.

At the weekends away he looks after the group ensuring that nobody misses the coach and  gives directions to the driver.